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Small Face Eyeglass Frame

Introducing the gabriela eyeglass gunmetal small face eyeglass frame. This beautiful frame is perfect for kids who are looking to add a touch of love to their look with some fresh eyeshine eyesore. The gunmetal color is perfect for any shade of skin and makes a great choice for any outfits. What's also impressive is theiege in size - these frames come in 47-17-135. For a look that will be sure to reflect your child's personality.

New TORY BURCH Small Face TY 4010 3230 51mm Cats Eye Women's

Top Small Face Eyeglass Frame Sale

This is a small face eyeglass frame made from krazy eyeglass lt brown contact lensess glass. It is made to give a spectacle frame the look they need to look good. The frames are made out of a 47-18-135. This glass is also great for small face users because it is small in size. This frame is made from high quality plastic and is a great choice for those who want to buy a small face eyeglass frame.
this optical frame eyeglass frame is perfect for those who want to look their best. With a matte havana color, this frame will make you look like a name-brand name. This frame is also made from plastic and comes with a plastic frame which will perfect your contact lenses eyeglasses.
this is a eyeglass chassis eyeglass frame made of old-school fabric and colorful pantos. It is made of good-value fabric and is size: s.